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About Husnain Zahid

Established in 2010, Husnain Zahid is the first nylon DTY manufacturer and operates the largest nylon yarn dye house in Pakistan. Leading products include nylon textured yarn raw white, nylon textured yarn dyed and related products, such as spandex covering yarn and various trade business of long fiber yarns. For decades, our yarn has been merchandised worldwide with the famous brand name Husnain Zahid.

As one of the leading manufacturers with more than 12 years of experience, Husnain Zahid has incomparable knowledge of yarn and its application, and is now working with various global brands and developing a diversity of yarn products to reach clients’ needs.

Our Specialization

A comprehensive range of threads, with different appearances, compositions and thicknesses are available to choose from for embroidery and decorative stitching projects. The variety of high quality yarns supports creative developments as well as it increases productivity.

Nylon 6 Textured Yarn - Raw White

Nylon Spandex Covering Yarn

Nylon 6 Textured Yarn Dyed Cheese Dye

Our Expert Team

“To manufacture and deliver quality, value added nylon & polyester yarns and threads which meet customer requirements in terms of product performance, consistency, delivery and service.”

Zahid Ishfaq

CEO / Husnain Zahid zahid@husnainzahid.com

Shahid Ishfaq

Director / Husnain Zahid shahid@husnainzahid.com

Hassan Zahid

Technical Guide hassan@husnainzahid.com