In the department of nylon textured yarn raw white, we use the most advanced texturing machines, and employ experienced technical operators to produce nylon textured yarn with strong stability. In addition, using this equipment also makes it possible for our products to have steady performance in thin denier and high count filament . To keep constant temperature and humidity in the production environment, our production equipment is provided with very complete and elaborate air-conditioning devices, since high-quality yarns necessitate a plant with constant temperature and humidity.

In the department of nylon textured yarn dyed, texturing machines used are different from those of yarn raw white to obtain higher stretch. Soft winding equipment and precision cheese dye are computerized.


1. High precision winding machines : able to wind extremely fine denier yarns, and exactly control the length and evenness of bobbin yarn

2. Fully automatic equipment of (filling) clipping, dehydration and doffing.

3. Computer-controlled system of shade pitching and color combination.

4. Computer-controlled dye & additive weighing system.

5. Computer-controlled dye batch : from a 2 kg sample dye batch to a 500 kg large dye batch .

6. Automatic dehydration and drying equipment

All these are to produce nylon textured yarn dyed with precision color and less batch difference & cheese difference .