Nylon 6 Textured Yarn - Raw White


Nylon 6 Textured Yarn – Raw White
DecitexDenierfull dullsemi-dullbright
33/1030/10Ο1&2  ● or Χ
44/1440/14Ο1&2  ● or Χ
44/3440/34Ο1&2  ● or Χ
55/2450/24Ο1&2  ● or Χ
78/2470/24Ο1&2 ● or Χ
78/2470/24Δ1&2  Χ
78/3470/34Ο1&2   ● or Χ
78/4870/48Ο1&2  ● or Χ
78/6870/68Ο1&2  ● or Χ
78/7270/72Ο1&2  ● or Χ
110/24100/24Ο1&2  ● or Χ

The above products are those that run on the production line frequently, and you are welcomed to designate products with special specifications apart from the above-mentioned.

The above products can be used in circular knitting, Raschel knitting, spandex covering yarn, TRICOT fabric, fancy covering yarn, socks and weaving.

You can add any twist required to the above products to use them in warp, sweater knitting and jacquard.

The above products can be combined into 4-ply, 6-ply and 8-ply ones and added with any twist you need to be used in products with heavy denier.

For any other product information, please contact our sales department.

Export salesperson: Mr. Zahid E-mail: zahid@husnainzahid.com