Nylon Spandex Covering Yarn


Nylon Spandex Covering Yarn
DenierFull dullSemi-dullBright
20spandex-30/10 Nylon 6ΟRaw white  
20spandex-40/14 Nylon 6ΟRaw white  
20spandex-70/24 Nylon 6ΟRaw white  
40spandex-40/14 Nylon 6ΟRaw white  
40spandex-70/24 Nylon 6ΟRaw white  
40spandex-70/24 Nylon 6ΟDope Dyed Black  
40spandex-140/48 Nylon 6ΟRaw white  
70spandex-140/48 Nylon 6ΟRaw white  

The above products are those that run on the production line frequently, and you are welcomed to designate products with special specifications apart from the above-mentioned.

The above products can be made into nylon textured yarn dyed. For any other product information, please contact our sales department.

Export salesperson: Mr. Zahid E-mail: zahid@husnainzahid.com